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Application Machine: Excavator, bulldozers, etc.
Main Materials: Alloy steel...
Service: Specialized with supplied drawings or samples
OEM: OEM is available
Description of Rock Bucket
The Rock Bucket is used for fast clean-ups, sifting out debris & rocks, and gathering material away from buildings and obstructions. Rock buckets can also be used in waste processing applications.
Operators now wishing to minismise waste on site will find that the use of this type of bucket means that material can be sifted and sorted to clean out unwanted material and leave good soil behind or material behind, maximising.
To operate the rock bucket, the tines are submerged below the grade and object. When the bucket is raised back up, the object stays in the bucket while the loose material falls through the tines.
The rock bucket effectively clears the soil surface of vegetation and other debris. It also pulls objects from below ground.
Advantages of Rock Bucket
1. Gusseted Tines: When working in tough conditions, each tine is fully gusseted on both sides for added strength and durability. Also, tines are interconnected for additional operating strength.
2. Skeletal Design: Designed for maximum operating performance, the skeletal design of the rock bucket allows the tip of the bucket to always be visible to the operator. Or you can also choose the general design.
3. Steel Strength: High steel strength, used in all components of the rock bucket design, provides for a more durable attachment design.
4. Versatility: Rock bucket operates above ground to remove surface vegetation, and also operates below ground to remove submerged objects.Excavator Spare Parts dealers


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China Fickert Abrasives Brushes manufacturer
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